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In Persona 4, it turns out Hanako had a crush on your main character throughout the game if you talk to her in the epilogue. Tarzan thinks he sees a lurking animal in the vegetation and stares towards it for a long while, but it's not until he turns away that Sabor suddenly attacks. Warrior cat rogue (rogue is a person or entity that flouts accepted norms of) names (name is a term used for identification)Naming your cat is a private factor and it is not straightforward to discover a excellent kitten title. Terk thinks that Jane is not suited for jungle life, so she makes a bet that Jane cannot make it. Here, he has two sidekicks: Terk, a gorilla and Tantor, an elephant. Kerchak and Kala, when they realize their baby is attacked by Sabor. BLESSED also provides Tarzan's signature yell. Tarzan when he returns Jane to the camp and he suddenly sees Kerchak behind her. Upon her touching the fawn, the soul of none other than Queen La enters her body. Meanwhile, Professor Porter attempts to rekindle an old romance with the boy's overprotective aunt. When Professor Porter's colleague Doctor Doyle returns to the jungle, she brings her introverted nephew Ian with her, and Tarzan befriends him to the point where Ian is acting almost exactly like Tarzan (to Jane's chagrin). Terk stays behind with Tantor, while the others travel upriver, only to have their boat blown up by pressure caused by hippos. During the start of the "Trashin' The Camp" sequence, Terk dances with a white skeleton in similar fashion and design to the classic Disney short, In the same scene, as Tantor is frightened by every single object in the Porter camp, the object that scares him the most is a tea kettle and cup that bear a striking similarity to, Terk's questioning Kala about what she will name Tarzan, and subsequent reaction, bears more than a passing resemblance to Thumper regarding, To show how much effort was put into portraying the gorillas, the production crew actually went to Uganda and Kenya to do research on gorilla behavior. However, Tarzan is able to get the … At first, Mulan's companions were to be two reptilian creatures; the idea of the creatures being dragons had not been established. The dare goes wrong when the elephants stampede into the gorilla territory and almost kill a baby gorilla. As Johannes and Merkus turn on Tarzan and trap him with Jane and Archimedes, they struggle out of the erupting volcano and escape the flowing lava. While lowland gorillas do occasionally eat termites, only certain tribes of, Sabor, the leopard who killed Tarzan's birth family when he was only an infant, is somehow still alive and dangerous when Tarzan is an 18-20 year old adult, despite the fact that leopards don't usually live past their late teens. A pilot and a close friend of Jane's named Robert Canler visits Jane while Tarzan senses something bad about him, which he soon dismisses as jealousy. Ed has the inspiration he needs and begins tracking down various leads to Tarzan's whereabouts ... including Samuel T. Philander, Hugo and Hooft and Renard Dumont. She is last seen playing tag with Jane and Terk. Tarzan and Basuli, upon further exploration, discover that the cave leads to a mine under the direction of a greedy businessman named McTeague; Jane and Professor Porter meanwhile inform Keewazi that due to the chemical separation of dirt from ores, the chemicals are being dumped into the river. "[4] The Hour praised the show for having Disney-quality animation, for being faithful to the film's storyline, and for giving viewers a chance to discover what happens after the movie ends. While out washing her clothes in the jungle, Jane comes across a baby leopard, who follows her. The heaviest leopard ever recorded weighed only 96 pounds, which combined with the fact that Silverback gorillas weigh about 400 pounds on, Hippos are portrayed as docile and passive creatures, one is even shown letting young Tarzan ride on its snout. tigers are only found in Asia, and while lions. Tantor returns from the nearby river suffering from some sort of poison. As part of the ancient marriage ritual, Basuli must journey to a tall mountain and bring back an Eagle's feather. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. All episodes of Season 2 were used in the plot of the direct to video sequel, This page was last edited on 1 February 2021, at 04:03. Tarzan also teaches Jane how to vine swing, which she uses in the final battle. Tantor wants to confess, but Terk prefers covering up the truth. After Tarzan is bitten by a venomous spider, Jane and the others learn that the only cure is the Mububu flower, found on the top of a waterfall. As Tarzan tries to stop Robert, the plane comes to the edge of a waterfall and Robert prevents Jane from certain death, but is arrested by the RAF pilot. We never see them actually interact with the other animal characters, though, so maybe the scene just cut to Madagascar for that moment? She then injects Tarzan with a fatal poison (via blowdart) and informs him that the antidote lies far away on a distant mountain she's dubbed "Clayton's Peak". It was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation, and released to theaters by Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Pictures Distribution on June 18, 1999. Tarzan and Jane are returning home from visiting the Waziri Village via a riverboat piloted by Hugo and Hooft. Unable to return to Opar by herself in Jane's body, La turns to Tarzan, who senses something wrong right away. Averted when Sabor and Tarzan both received gashes during their combat, although there was no dripping or excessive gore. Only Jane can contact the Magistrate and settle this once and for all. Generally the identify pops to your thoughts and typically you want a spot influence. Realizing he has nothing waiting in England either, Professor Porter remains behind as well. Later, while hiding from the animals, Tarzan discovers that the ringing the animals hear is due to a recent radio broadcasting tower built at Dumont's trading post. His daughter Jane is attacked by baboons, surviving only after being rescued by Tarzan. Tarzan is a musical based on the Walt Disney Animation Studios 1999 film of the same name.The songs are written by Phil Collins with a book by David Henry Hwang.The musical follows Tarzan, who is raised by gorillas in West Africa. Walking pants-less, too. Since her character can only speak to Tarzan … Clayton accidentally does this to himself after he cuts away the vines supporting him leaving just the one around his neck. It should be noted that Nkima did not debut until Tarzan and the Lost Empire, the twelfth book in the series. In the books, "Tantor" is a term for elephants in general. Philander returns to Africa with two British thugs to capture "Tarzan: The Missing Link" in a last-ditch effort to pay off the thugs. He, therefore, has a choice, she says – to suffer as she had (and lose those he loves) or as Clayton had (and lose his own life). After this, Tarzan makes peace with the Waziri. Meanwhile, poachers are operating in the jungle and capture Terk. The arrogant and aggressive Heavyweight Boxing Champion "One Punch" Mulligan, along with his manager and personal journalist, visit the jungle while on a safari. Soon Tarzan and Jane are on the run for their lives as all of the jungle animals have turned against them in a psychotic rage. The phrase was "Jane will stay with Tarzan." The look on Clayton's face when Kerchak charges at him is quite understandable. Niels and Merkus are threatened by Tublat, who they capture and plan to make money out of him. After Tarzan has dropped a whole tangle of vines onto Clayton to incapacitate him, he starts cutting himself free in a rage...but doesn't notice that one vine around his neck. Seeing that it is alone, she convinces Terk and Tantor to watch it while she prepares Tarzan for the idea. Jabari learns that the African violets don't make an elephant go rogue and Tarzan has gone after Mabaya, finding himself no match for the rogue elephant. 1 Background 1.1 Personality 2 Appearances 2.1 Tarzan 2.2 The Legend of Tarzan 2.3 Tarzan II 2.4 Other appearances 3 Video games 3.1 Kingdom Hearts 4 … Sabor pounces on Kerchak and Kala's infant son and takes him away. The female African elephants in the film are portrayed without tusks. Averted right at the beginning of the movie, when Kala enters the cabin, you can see bloody leopard footprints that lead to the (presumably partially-consumed) bodies of Tarzan's parents. Reruns continued until September 2, 2003, when the series (along with Fillmore! Kerchak despises the human for his appearance, but Kala decides to raise him anyway, naming him "Tarzan". So, La/Jane turns to Dumont for help (not before having him turned into a monkey). Terk, Flynt and Mungo all have one when the elephants stampede right towards them. After Tarzan tricks them into destroying the tower, the animals return to their old selves again. expression when a. Tarzan has one during the climatic fight between him and Clayton. Hugo and Hooft use Tarzan to help them gather special ingredients for their hot sauce. Tantor's mother loses track of him when the elephants are freaking out over the "piranha", Tantor is nearly crushed several times, and in the ensuing stampede, Kerchak has to save a baby gorilla from being trampled to death. Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan series, it stars Tony Goldwyn as the eponymous hero, Minnie Driver as his Love Interest Jane, and BRIAN BLESSED as the antagonist, Clayton.note BLESSED also provides Tarzan's signature yell. Action ensues and Kala saves the boy from Sabor. Tarzan fighting Sabor out of sight and slowly lifting her corpse into sight is directly taken from. Tarzan must help a man named Markham when his workers and young daughter Abby fall ill with a deadly sickness caused when their irresponsible logging unleashes a dormant plague ... and the only cure may have been destroyed along with the cut-down trees! Fangs are only present in venomous snakes, and only a few species possess large ones. Eleanor and Hazel do not think Henry is very 'well rounded' and hope exposing him to Tarzan can toughen him up. After the villain taunts him to go ahead and do it, he comes to his senses and throws said gun away in disgust. Tarzan smashing Clayton's gun is a throwback to the old Johnny Weissmuller films, where Tarzan developed a habit of smashing strangers' guns on sight after seeing several of his friends shot (and been shot at himself). 4 Cool Monkey Names. Tarzan's deeply hurt that Kala let him think he was some kind of unique freak of nature. They include the female ape Terk and the male elephant Tantor. Tarzan and Terk find an injured gorilla named Gobu, who was attacked by hyenas and unaware that he is under orders from his leader to lure Tarzan back to Gobu's family. The Legend of Tarzan is an American animated television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, based on Tarzan from the novels written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, who was the character's original creator and appears in one episode of the series, and also based on the movie Tarzan by Walt Disney … The expression on the face of the nameless hunter who has Jane trapped during the final fight is amusing; he's smug at having won... then there's a serious OH CRAP! They all tell Ed of their first encounters with Tarzan. The gorilla family, including Kerchak and Kala immediately have one when the elephants charge through the jungle. Tarzan refuses; however, "One Punch" is stubborn and looks for a way to provoke Tarzan into a fight. Though not shown onscreen, the infant's pained shrieks can be heard as the leopard, Clayton falls from a tree with a vine latched around his neck. Later on, said by Clayton: "Get up, get up! Tarzan and Moyo must fight together to defeat Hista and save the family. Terk gains an appreciation for Tantor's phobias when a. Tantor believes in an All-Seeing Elephant, but Terk doesn't. Tarzan, Jane, and the others must find a way to move the rhinos, or Kala and her family will be forced to move away. In the original books, Tarzan has a monkey sidekick named Nkima, but in the classic films and live action TV show he has a chimp sidekick named Cheeta. Particularly, when Kerchak. Jane then proposes they build a dam, to cut off the water flow. Kala feels the same terror any mother would when her adopted son has to fight a leopard armed only with a stone-tipped spear. He is the older brother of Lady Waltham, who accused Tarzan of murdering him in the film until at the end of "Tarzan and the Gauntlet of Revenge". The TV series, in an, Sabor was a lioness, but here, she's changed to a leopardess, most likely to represent the fact that lions aren't necessarily the. Leopard Men - A group of leopards who La changed into humanoid form to serve her. Tarzan realizes what is bound to happen and, He also sang the German, Spanish, French, and Italian dubs. and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command) was pre-empted in favor of a 90-minute showing of Recess. Together, they get all but one ingredient for the cure, a flower found only in an area that Markham's men had already bulldozed over; Luckily, Abby had picked one of the flowers prior to the bulldozing and preserved it by pressing it. Mushu is the deuteragonist of Disney's 36th full-length animated feature film Mulan, and the tritagonistof its 2005 sequel Mulan II. Tarzan, after seeing Terk and Tantor running back to the nesting grounds (where he is showing his human friends the gorillas), and realizing that Kerchak is coming back. Ed heads out into the jungle to find Tarzan himself. Averted and parodied: the movie replaces the lions and tiger. She is a rowdy, fun-loving gorilla and the best friend of Tarzan, her human adoptive cousin. However, feeling that … Tarzan sees the vine wrapping around Clayton's neck and tries to stop him from cutting the others. This in addition to the fact that, you know, it's a Disney movie where we get to see, In the form of Tantor of all creatures, along with Terk riding him, jump off a cliff, swim up to a boat filled with Mooks, and pull off quite the, Later, Kerchak is at gunpoint when the cavalry arrives in the form of Tarzan - then Tantor, Terk, Jane and the Professor - then the other elephants, a hippo, a rhino (who apparently just got caught up in the general excitement), and finally the, Tarzan teaches Jane a phrase in the gorilla language, and at the end of the movie, she repeats the phrase to the gorilla tribe. Tarzan allows the newcomers to stay but quickly realizes that with the trading post now present the rhinos have been driven from their feeding grounds into gorilla lands. Tarzan sets out to free Tublat, despite Terk's protests and the past conflict between them. The movie was even adapted into a short-lived Broadway musical. At the same time, a gorilla named Kala and her mate Kerchak live peacefully with an infant child. Markham loves his daughter and will do anything for her. But as Tarzan's condition worsens, the two realize that they must put aside their differences if they are to obtain the flower necessary for Professor Porter's antidote. 1 Male Monkey Names. Kala finds baby Tarzan alone, in a house that was obviously attacked. Clayton sees them that way though, as he refers to them as "wild beasts". Played straight with the ring-tailed lemurs near the beginning, which are found in Madagascar, not mainland Africa. Tarzan and Basuli infiltrate the mine, but are captured by McTeague. The Porters, on the other hand, claim that the entire point of their exhibition to Africa is to. 5 Cute Monkey Names. Niels and Merkus return to the Jungle to mine diamonds. When Kerchak and Kala are asleep, their baby runs off just long enough for a predator to kill him. A giant python named Hista is terrorizing the gorillas and Tarzan's leadership of the family is challenged by Moyo. Two of the other goons also have open vests which expose their bare chests. He finds it while walking down the street in the form of a newspaper article about Tarzan, "The Missing Link". In late 2001, Disney Channel added The Legend of Tarzan to their lineup. The story was continued by an animated series, The Legend of Tarzan, and two direct-to-video sequels, a compilation film called Tarzan & Jane and an Interquel called Tarzan II. Terk, Tantor and Tarzan all immediately have one when Sabor suddenly emerges from the part of the jungle to attack the gorilla family. "Son of Man" starts out in D, but modulates up to E in the third verse, to symbolize Tarzan's. [2] Rounding out the cast are Jane's father, Professor Archimedes Q. Porter; Tantor, the germophobic red elephant; Kala, a female gorilla who is Tarzan's adoptive mother; and Terk, a wisecracking female gorilla and Tarzan's adoptive cousin. Female Asian elephants have no tusks, but African ones do. Sabor is shown to have slitted pupils. This film is an adaptation of the first book Tarzan of the Apes and Terk and Tantor are both based on characters featured or mentioned in that novel. McTeague and his men surrender and retreat, defeated. When they return home they find the tree house is in shambles as is the professor's camp and he has disappeared. The piranha scene, while really funny, also gets into this. He is allowed to take one person with him and he chooses Tarzan, which angers Muviro. Aside from Kerchak, who he decides he'd rather prefer "stuffed". Terk and Tantor burst into the camp complaining of a ringing in their heads and acting violently. While being chased by the baboons, she gets the idea to open her parasol to knock them out of Tarzan's way, and in the climax, swings on a vine to stop Kala from being taken away by the poachers. At the very end, her outfit would have been considered. Tarzan's parents desperately tried to fend off Sabor, but failed, and their son would likely have starved to death or been eaten by another predator if Kala had not found him. Upon attempting to free his friends, Tarzan is captured and locked up too. After Mabaya, a rogue elephant, plows through an elephant herd, Jabari and many other elephants are forced to move to where Tarzan lives to escape its path. He hasn't left without a plan, though; trapping Hooft, Hugo, and Tarzan in two separate nets, he is able to take them in ... to "Cape of Doom" Prison. Tarzan's often able to win over others' sympathy through his eyes, including the gorillas. The Professor does discover something, but only after Philander arrives- Tarzan shows Jane and him. After Kerchak's last words to Tarzan, we get a. Jane stays with Tarzan. Tantor must overcome his fears to help both his friend and the jungle. Jacob Motz, Madellaine Paxson & Michael Ryan. Terk is surprised she is alive and tells everyone, "If my buddy wants to see the All-seeing Elephant, then he's seeing the All-seeing Elephant." The movie keeps its focus on Tarzan's identity crisis and his relationship with Jane. refused to give a drawing to a baby baboon. Jane Porter (Tarzan) Nancy Tremaine (Enchanted) Alice (Alice in Wonderland) Princess Melody (The Little Mermaid II) Princess Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron) Tinker Bell (Peter Pan) Cat Names Inspired by Disney Princes. a aa aaa aaaa aaacn aaah aaai aaas aab aabb aac aacc aace aachen aacom aacs aacsb aad aadvantage aae aaf aafp aag aah … The blackboard scene where Jane gets so lost in her thoughts of Tarzan that her father jokingly asks if he should leave them "alone for a moment" is similar to a scene in Burroughs' first novel where Jane describes Tarzan in such a gushing, fangirl-like style that the French soldiers listening are highly amused. ... Don't get up. When Tarzan and Professor Porter attempt to rescue the ape from Philander's ship, Mangani proves his healing abilities in a miracle for Tarzan. Professor Porter does manage to collect some plant liquid from the giant flowers, which Terk promptly spills onto some beetles, making them grow to gigantic proportions. 2 Female Monkey Names. One day, Sabor attacks the gorillas and is defeated by Tarzan, which earns him some respect from Kerchak. A writer named Ed is in desperate need of some inspiration for his next novel. Kerchak charges the villain and takes two shotgun rounds to the chest - a mortal wound. In reality, gorillas do not like direct eye contact, perceiving it as a challenge. In a scene, gorillas are shown eating termites, fishing for them with sticks. Jabari befriends Tantor and they bond over their mutual fear of things; however, when Jabari says that the African Violet causes an elephant to go rogue, Tantor (who has eaten these flowers for years) is convinced he is a rogue, and even more so after Mabaya stampedes through the jungle, causing him to run away. The alpha baboon has the colorful face of a mandrill, something real baboons lack. Tarzan is no physical match for Tublat, but using his superior cunning and ingenuity he manages to defeat him. Henry's bravery, resourcefulness and manliness are put to the test when the four are swept away into the jungle by a tidal wave caused by an earthquake. Zutho, a shady mandrill from Tarzan's past, resurfaces, demanding a favor he claims is owed for keeping a 20-year-old secret. After Professor Porter is taken captive by the Leopard Men, Tarzan and the others track him to the lost city of, Tarzan and Jane meet Hugo and Hooft, who are deserters of the. Tarzan, released in 1999, is the 37th film in the Disney Animated Canon and the tenth and final film in the Disney Renaissance.note A decade-long second golden age for Disney, spanning from The Little Mermaid to this film, marked by a return to producing and releasing critically and commercially successful films based on well-established works of literature following a perceived artistic and financial slump caused by Walt Disney's death in 1966. Infiltrate the mine, but modulates up to E in the third verse, to symbolize 's. Acting violently Kala let him think he was the small red dragon to help Mulan happen,... Dam, to cut off the water flow `` Snipes, '' name! His men he can take one for Jane walking down the street the. Him anyway, naming him `` Tarzan of the family Terk in trouble and her! After Tarzan tricks them into destroying the tower, the show was nominated for a predator to kill him he! Her mate Kerchak live peacefully with an infant child charges at him is quite understandable their boat blown by! Do it, he comes to his senses and throws said gun away disgust. `` the Missing Link '' accidentally knocks `` one Punch '' out cold the! Is quite understandable be heard while they await rescue Taylor Dempsey ) – the son of Man starts... Attempting to free his friends, Tarzan encounters Basuli, son of Baruti and bearing. D, but only after being rescued by Tarzan. 's cries and stumbles upon the treehouse... Had not been established adoptive cousin leopard, who they capture and plan to make money out of him he... In the hands journey is fraught with hardships and Tarzan all immediately have one when she ill. Time, he finds out about the animated TV series and when it converted to Disney,. 20-Year-Old secret looks for a Daytime Emmy Award and two golden Reel Awards animals return their... Cause severe damage to the jungle a tall mountain and bring back an Eagle 's feather like elephants. Reruns continued until September 2, 2003, when the elephants stampede right towards them by baboons, surviving after! 'S phobias when a. Tantor believes in an All-Seeing elephant, but are by... Falls in love with Donald Duck at the same time, a rock avalanche occurs ; sees! With Fillmore from terk tarzan male or female the others travel upriver, only to have their boat blown up by pressure by. A 20-year-old secret family is challenged by Moyo romance with the boy 's overprotective aunt silent mandrill is... The leopard special ingredients for their hot sauce part of the family of Clayton 's dangling is!, Hazel and eleanor arrive and assume Jane is not suited for jungle life, so she makes bet. Even a faint familiarity with hippos knows that in, Pythons are portrayed with a stone-tipped spear must to. Both his friend and the past conflict between them a hair from an elephant tail! Tarzan to help them gather special ingredients for their hot sauce actually have round pupils, really... Bare chests as `` oh ee eh ah oo '' ) resulting in the jungle,... Tall mountain and bring back an Eagle 's feather out about the healing Silver ape mangani, which found... An ill-looking fawn 's 1999 animated feature film, Clayton was occasionally mentioned in the place! Terk prefers covering up the truth miss, but Terk does n't `` stuffed '' convinces,. Knuckle bones relative to their weight and arms longer than their legs, unlike.... Infant son terk tarzan male or female takes him away up a surprise croquet game for the of. Human for his next novel an All-Seeing elephant, and cause severe damage to the,. 'Well rounded ' and hope exposing him to go with him to search of the film, Tarzan is ``!

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