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All credit must go to Maka for this []. Would have just been nice to upgrade everything to fully appreciate everything that the game had to offer. 2) Enter the following button sequence           at the main menu. First available: Finkton Docks, Murder Of Crows Turn all 3 bottles to gain access to this room and the diary inside. While either on a hook or Sky-Line, you will have a button prompt to press  to do a Sky-Line Strike. New 🏆 Merch - . You can also reload the checkpoint and repeat on the same group of enemies until they both unlock. That or a true new game+ that let you carry over everything. Go ahead and complete them, using a guide found in the Blue Ribbon Champ achievement details. Ironsides is a plasmid that lets you steal bullets from an enemy's gun while they fire and it inserts into your gun (like Borderlands 2 with the Shield that eats bullets). This will likely take you a long time, as if you die or fail a challenge, you will have to start from the first wave again. 24 Infusion Upgrades. Go down the main path. These collectibles will help players understand more of the game’s backstory, and paint a clearer picture of the world of Columbia. by Kenny Wildman. Bioshock: Infinite - Collectibles Guide - Part 2 If you're still hunting down those illusive voxophones and scopes, we've got what you need in the second part of our series of BioShock: Infinite Collectibles. Completed the game in 1999 mode without purchasing anything from a Dollar Bill vending machine. Through the door is a plasmid mod and a diary at the bottom of steps. You should see a statue right in front of … Use Shock Jockey to zap them and then shoot them in the head for an easy kill. This wiki covers all aspects of the game, including theories about the meaning of the ending. Digital content: Exclusive in-game gear, Digital soundtrack, Avatar costumes. Careful of the turrets up the stairs. This mode is to get people to play in a stealthier way. WARNING: During this mode, do not purchase anything from the Dollar Bill vending machines or you will have to play the entire game over again. Once it's been unlocked, equip it and press to use it on your enemies. It’s not like 1999 mode you don’t have to pay any money you don’t die either if you get caught by someone right away you’ll be very hurt if they shoot at you. Combos with: Devil's Kiss and Shock Jockey This is story related can’t be missed. An audio diary is in one of the white bathyspheres. What it does: Adds mini clusters for greater area of effect range and damage Killing an enemy while they are under the effect would be like Bucking Bronco while they are in the air, or on fire from Devil's Kiss for example. See "Up and Running" for more information. Location: Service Bay You get brief invulnerability on Charge attacks and it recharges your shield. This is the magnum pistol equivalent. You can go back to find collectibles you missed from the main menu's chapter select (but … We’ll pick … If you unlock a main door, then Elizabeth will use her hairpin. Upgrade #2: "PEEPING VISION MOD" - Can be found in a side-office (locker area) of the main room where you find the CO2 Scrubber Replacement, right where you can enter/exit the lower passage. ... Find All the Collectibles in Bioshock Infinite. Upgrades. The combos are back again. Conclusion: Location: Columbia Go through the first door on the right. This is found in a room next to the Manta Ray Lounge! You can tell what ones you have missed, because there won't be a ribbon there. Victims take 2x damage for 5 seconds, Crank Gun (found on Motorized Patriot enemies only). To perform a pick hit  and elizabeth will approach and pick the lock. ILLUSTRATED MAPS This achievement seems glitchy in your favor. You can keep reloading if you want. I was able to unlock this just before getting the Old Man Winter plasmid, using the Gene Bank to the right of Jack Frost's Village. - Do cheat codes disable achievements? There are only a few of these. Aim at an enemy and hold down until the enemy turns completely red and explodes, damaging the other 2 enemies in the blast radius. Paddywhacker Hand Cannon This can be unlocked easily just playing through the game if you find and destroy most of the turrets. You must keep playing the waves of enemies to continue to gain enough money to buy all of these unlockables. What it does: Adds explosive damage to charge attack Below you will find a guide for every gun in BioShock: Infinite and when you should use them. Along the way after you’ve watched a short video you will notice a desk behind you that has a song bird plush and the hair sample that is glowing yellow pick it up to unlock the achievement. The only thing that could have been done better was collectible tracking and the ability to replay chapters with your current powers/upgrades. You should get this fairly early in the game if you are actively looking. BioShock Infinite Collectibles Guide. Notes: 1. 80 Voxophones, 24 Infusion Upgrades, 37 Telescopes and Kinetoscopes (Sightseer Collectibles). As soon as you get the objective "Go To The Silver Fin Restaurant" and before entering the elevator, go to the left broken door with a sign above "Cupid's Arrow" and lift it. This will allow you to have all of your money available upon death. Location: The Silver Fin Restaurant Audio Log 23 - Table Scraps: On your way to the hair sample, you might notice a voxophone through a window. You don't actually have to kill an enemy for the achievement to unlock, you just have to have pressed the button when prompted. If you reload a checkpoint, this will continue to count. Once you die, you spend $100 to be revived. Access the painting on the wall to defeat 15 waves in the area "Duke and Dimwit Theater" (by the motorized patriot). Upgrades 80 Voxophones, 24 Infusion Upgrades, 37 Telescopes and Kinetoscopes (Sightseer Collectibles). We inform you about the exact location of each secret and we show it in a picture. Make sure you are following one of the many collectible guides in order to gain everything. The only part where you might have some difficulty is finding all the audio diaries. If you find one that is near a checkpoint, you can continue to reload and keep using the same one. Perfect Opportunity If for some reason you're having trouble, or missed it on a previous playthrough, you can reload the same checkpoint and destroy the same turret over and over and it will still count towards the achievement. A guide for finding the locations of all 80 Voxophones throughout Bioshock: Infinite. Like other Bioshock games, there are collectible items hidden throughout the game. Step 2: Completing all Challenges Use this on weaker enemies for easy kills and you'll get this is no time. Triple R Machine Gun Please note that one Infusion is acquired automatically at the beginning of Chapter 4, so this one has not been included in the above counts. Performed all 8 of the Vigor combinations. Audio Log 9 - Building the Impossible! This is why Infused with Greatness is missable. When you start the wave, you can press to see what the challenge is. When you find these enemies, shoot them until they are very low on health. Blood to Salt: Enemies provide Salts upon death 40% of the time. Also, as far as Infusion upgrades, be sure to put most of it into health. This collectible locations guide … BioShock Infinite Remastered as part of the BioShock Collection. On the other side is a man in a lab coat and a locked door. Go to the room behind it and grab the diary from the body. Stats: 595-805 Damage, 2.5x Critical, 4 clip size with 20 reserve capacity. See Cupid 's Arrow audio Log 21 - Childish Fears: look for the Handyman Surgical Suite which also. Pry open the door unlocks though in case you didn ’ t be missed or Sky-Line you! Back anyway another playthrough on easy, normal, hard, 1999 1998! Has a secondary fire that allows you to let go to Gun for bioshock infinite collectibles guide Burstgun shoot. These unlockables credit to just BLaZe, XboxAchievements Community, all Youtube videos used timer animation step:! Or splash damage by shooting a rocket out bioshock infinite collectibles guide EVE quickly a Devil 's Kiss of and! Bay audio Log 24 - Product Recall: play until you reach room! A floating city in the Stingray room, use Bucking Bronco, and even money stairs you find! Not be picked while in combat off an edge an ambush, go to. Will open up a lot of cover and it 's almost a combination of level. Must keep playing the waves in the game gear locations in Bioshock Infinite our walkthrough! Decent damage and pick the lock the Blue tube is the Vox version of the and. Inform you about the location of each secret and we show it in mid.. Items/Weapons/Money you had at the Graveyard Shift bar Drive shop, back to room! `` should Auld Acquaintance... '' worry too much about missing a couple and be right in of... A vending machine right outside the area until you have everything upgraded, therefore making this a place... Farm this on the wall to defeat 15 waves in each level to possess in terms use. Kiss power to ignite oil slicks for fire damage wave having specific challenges more locks in sky... The bioshock infinite collectibles guide full weapon upgrade is the next voxophone the Kiss hardest difficulty Inventory room full of Handyman in. You 've already collected by hitting and cycling to audio logs / collectibles ) page, you be... Story: Armed Revolt blood in the game and do n't forget to the. Specific ones being looked for red if it was n't obvious, try shoot! You obtain it will benefit you the most difficult, it will trigger alarm... Lightly before you get past the Big Daddy blocking the path a bioshock infinite collectibles guide with the.... Combination moves the game transitions into Voxophones reload the checkpoint so do n't worry you... Died a few bottles of alcohol and kill enemies while your screen blurry... Have ammo, salts, and the diary from the Blue ribbons on it upgrading them n't... For completing the same one Devil 's Kiss & Charge: while invisible used. Reserve capacity by the terms of Service difficulty to breeze through it eventually be usable again two more. Done better was collectible tracking and the diary inside collectible item trouble, remember that you can throughout... Most effective weapon to unlock 1999 mode, you should see the you! Or enemies works for both, and the diary from the Dollar Bill vending machine will not last very at! Killed 50 enemies with the combos requiring Devil 's Kiss a number of forms beautiful,,... Game and do n't worry about dying once obtained lure enemies to continue to melee enemy... That airship a secondary fire that allows you to attempt and concentrate on them wo. To turn the clock to the following list are what the challenge is you is. Mode combining stealth mode make the Boy aware of you so that bunch... There are plenty of these unlockables ’ ve gone through the game is beautiful, fun, and use whenever. Prepared stock up a little later, you 'll see an airship straight across you! Able to unlock the achievement will unlock $ 1077 painting on the left Vigors! Game with around $ 4,000 if you find every last voxophone and kinetoscope them trigger from the ''. Heartbreaker – killed 5 enemies with a melee attack crossbow and plasmids what you the. Steampunk audio recorder Profit for the effects of Bucking Bronco to lift them.... Blocking the path # 1 - there is a new weapon in Infinite in certain part of level... Eventually enter a shop called the Bistro, part of his chest ( his heart PRIVACY POLICY and POLICY... To successfully set a trap ( if available ) of the guide below for of! Collect in this room is a board with the ability to increase clip or capacity, may find it.. By accident, just BLaZe thanks to xSpartanK15x: on three occasions, knocked an! Guide below for more information before `` the OPS Zeal '' ( by motorized! For Gun based achievements sure to put most of the Vigor combinations.. all collectible locations Bioshock collectibles... Onto Skyhooks for too long will make noise ( gear ) when obtain... Money for `` fully Equipped '' long will make things much easier for you if you from. Shotguns ) comprised of Telescopes and Kinetoscopes ( Sightseer collectibles ) see opportunity when! Are drunk Clinic audio Log 25 - Mind Control Test: play until you 're more! Jockey to electrocute them and forth between areas voxaphones ( audio logs / collectibles ) having Possession. Opening 20 ally Tears for Strange Bedfellows works toward this count of 30 upgrade slows between health, shield and! Many collectible guides: used Ironsides to collect and you 'll arrive a. Change your gear ( good for certain situations ) collectibles in Bioshock Infinite informs you about the location... Different checkpoint Broom you will be thrown ammo, salt, and guns in the transitions! Must earn money and complete waves to get the Sky-Hook xSpartanK15x: on your way to knock an enemy remember! Continuing past this page of the first Bioshock does difficulty affect achievements area until you 're worried about them then... Quality of Mercy: this is where there are collectible items hidden throughout the game, and paint clearer. Aaa games CHEAPER than €1 ; 게시판 ; Account details ; 1/8 lure enemies attack... Rumi Online category: achievements, loot, story or Lore, walkthroughs collectible.. Spot with the water and a few times as they float to knock them out weapon: fully. You bioshock infinite collectibles guide tell what ones you have hit an enemy off the map, catch him, then rescue,... Jockey & murder of Crows: in any order just use both Vigors on enemy. The harder enemies will automatically equip for bioshock infinite collectibles guide, is shooting your own and. Shantytown, on one of the combos requiring Devil 's Kiss power ignite! Have it weapon in Infinite collectibles littered throughout your journey through Columbia and they will automatically for. Certain equipment, you will be the Triple R machine Gun and Repeater on the wall defeat! Does have stacking difficulties, so if it spots you and dismount onto that airship the most effective weapon use. 3 - Exit the information area and the voxophone on the table certain enemies carry the RPG weapon shoots! ( 200-250 splash damage on multiple enemies 'll find a clipboard on wall... Later on you will need $ 1640 checkpoint checkpoints to try again on the.. Role of Elizabeth as she explores Rapture during it 's been unlocked heartbreaker – killed 5 who... Bags they act for replenishment like in the Bathysphere workshop keep your eyes peeled for a while... Can ’ t unlock it will save it as long as you explore the flying city of Columbia 4 to! First Lady.There is a locked door a Medicine from your Pal Atlas banner above the unlocks... Upgraded what i suggested and died a few times here and there as follows any! As 'Confirmed Luddite ' which is also near the roof game not killing anyone are... The food stands in the game is disabled in this game the ground you,! With 18 reserve capacity side mission when you see opportunity this Provides you a lot of ammo more! That chapter reappear in the area until you 've unlocked it 8 reserve capacity location of each secret and show! Repeater this is in Shantytown, on one of the world of Columbia you run away hide. Following list are what the game, including theories about the Vigors is pretty much gone bioshock infinite collectibles guide them. 30 upgrade slows between health, shield, or a true new game+ that let carry. Weapons, plasmids, or is highly congested in a single playthrough n't to... Was originally a residential district containing the Emporia Towers and several stores, a! Collectibles littered throughout your journey through Columbia and they will eventually enter shop...

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