who owns vernors

In 1995, Cadbury Schweppes purchased Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. Featuring a barrel aged, bold taste, Vernors Ginger Ale, although some say ginger soda, has a sweet, mild ginger bite that is absolutely refreshing. James Vernor was a member of the Fourth Michigan Cavalry, which captured Jefferson Davis on May 10, 1865 -- except Vernor wasn’t involved. Many devotees maintain that it is a foolproof cure for both stomach aches and hangovers. A&W Brands, which included the signature root beer and cream soda, as well as Squirt and Vernors, joined the portfolio in 1993. The acquisition brought Dr Pepper and 7UP, along with IBC Root Beer and the Welch's soft drink line, into the Cadbury Schweppes family. James Vernor, pictured at right, was a junior clerk at Higby and Sterns’ Drug Store in Detroit when he enlisted in the 4th Michigan Cavalry and was called to fight in the Civil War. We Michiganders swear by the this tasty elixir for its medicinal qualities…and for its delicious, bubbly taste. Vernors Ginger Ale - Vernors is "The Original Ginger Soda" and it has been in production since 1866, making it a true American Classic. The Dr. Pepper Snapple Group distributes 7-Up products in the United States, which includes approximately 30 products, such as A&W, Canada Dry, Crush, This stuff is highly, highly carbonated. ... which owns and licenses the Vernors brand. 7 Unexpected Things You Never Knew About Vernors. The Mississauga, Ont. Vernors is a very sweet, pale golden ginger ale, but what makes it special to us are the bubbles. According to Dr Pepper Snapple (which currently owns the Vernors brand), the gnome’s name was Woody. He’d been captured beforehand and was hiding in … Online shopping from the large selection of Vernors, Faygo, Better Made, Potato Chips, Bottles, Cans, Candies, Coffee, Spreads, Ice Cream Toppings, Soda 5. Vernors is launching a line of limited edition cans featuring iconic Michigan lighthouses. Canadian fans of Vernors ginger ale may have to wait until the fall to sip the drink's signature bold taste. If ever there was an official state drink for the state of Michigan, it would be Vernors. The effervescence of this soda is frequently underestimated until you take a sip and it makes you sneeze. A ccording to the company itself, “Without the Civil War, there would be no Vernors.Before the conflict began, James Vernor, a Detroit pharmacist, had concocted a new drink. At the time (according to company lore), he was experimenting with a stomach calming tonic of vanilla, spices and ginger, which he left behind in an oak cask.

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