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But accidents can pay off and I discovered that curing -- i.e., refrigerating the legs in a seasoned salt rub -- for only two hours prior to cooking was enough time. Ricotta Gnocchi. All you need for the following easy roasted duck legs recipe are duck legs, thyme, salt and pepper, although you can also cook potatoes in the oven with the duck if you wish. Put duck legs, skin side down, in a skillet large enough to accommodate all ingredients comfortably; … Roast the chicken alongside the duck until the chicken bones have browned and there are lots of great drippings in the pan, 30 to 40 minutes. It is important that the legs essentially poach in the rendered fat. Otherwise you won't get the careful and complete cooking. If the duck legs are small, check for doneness and tenderness after the first hour of cooking. Remove the rack from the roasting pan, pour off all but 2 tablespoons of the duck fat, and fish out any bits that are burned (likely the herbs). Cook for a minute to toast the flour, then ladle in the broth. A cross between confit and a casserole, this slow-braised duck dish is served with a … If you're making more, you can do the initial browning in batches and then transfer all the legs to a large roasting pan and roast them all at once. Moreover they are nearly impossible to overcook because of the fat content keeping them succulent. Serve immediately with noodles, spaetzle, or sliced potatoes that have been sautéed in some of the duck fat drained from the roasting pan, plus a salad or green vegetable. Be sure to check out our entire Duck recipe collection for more ideas. Duck Legs vs. Chicken Legs: The meat on duck legs is a lot different than chicken legs as it is denser and much richer in flavor. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the mixture is reduced to a thick, saucelike consistency, about 10 minutes. This recipe is for people looking for an alternative to roasting a whole turkey for Thanksgiving, and the recipe is modeled after Erin Jeanne McDowell's Slow-Roasted Turkey (also on Food52!). In a small bowl combine the salt, pepper, thyme sprigs and bay leaf pieces. This recipe has some serious cohones in the flavour department. for 8 people. Olive oil. orange juice 1 Tbls. Copyright © 2020 The City Cook, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Do not pierce the meat itself. Enter one of our contests, or share that great thing you made for dinner last night. Spoon over the duck legs… required. I played myself in "Julie & Julia" -- hope you didn't blink, or you may have missed the scene! Braised Duck Leg with Peas, Lettuce & Bacon. Slow-Roasted Duck Leg. The result was so exquisite it is enough of a reason to put up several jars of cherries this coming summer -- if only to make this again. Should you have any leftover duck legs, remove the meat from the bones and add to a salad or you can use it to make a fabulously delicious hash with potatoes and caramelized onions. Absent home-canned sour cherries, you could do the same thing with a drained can of apricots or peaches. Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with salt. For some odd reason lately, everyone seems to be talking about duck, whether it's duck confit, almost duck confit, or spicy duck empanadas with fire sauce and cilantro cream. Slow-roast duck legs Friday 4 April 3:55pm. Publications * 75g bread (no crust) 1 egg. Put the chicken bones in a deep saute pan. Ingredients. Ingredients. Too much time for a weeknight meal, but within reach on weekends or when cooking for company. Rub the salt mixture over the legs on both sides. Don't rush this step because the fat that is rendered at this point will help the legs cook once in the oven. I followed most of her other instructions but added the step of draining off the excess fat that had collected in the pan after two hours of roasting. Plus, duck legs take longer to roast taking as much as one-and-a-half hours in a 350°F oven to fully cook. Transfer the duck legs to a serving dish. Bring to a simmer and let cook for a few minutes until the gravy is silky and shiny. Confit Duck Leg. Roast, basting every 30 to 60 minutes, until the duck skin is golden and the meat is just tender -- this will take about 3 hours. At this point, you can make the gravy and serve the duck, but you can also let the duck legs cool and serve them another day, reheating them, uncovered, in a 250 F oven. Either way, finish making the gravy now! Cook for 2 hours. Pre-heat oven to 160 degrees. We have a selection of duck leg recipes, you can’t beat a slow roasted or confit duck leg dish. This wasn't initially intentional; I simply forgot to start the cure the day before but because I had promised a friend I'd make this for his dinner, I couldn't delay its cooking. kosher salt. Otherwise just leave the legs, skin side up, and all the rendered fat, in the skillet. She called it "Really Easy Duck Confit," a slightly misleading title because most of the steps necessary for a confit, including all the rendering and poaching, are gone. Slow Roast Duck Legs With Dates and Tamarind. 13 ratings 4.9 out of 5 star rating. Drain the fat out of the roasting pan (be careful -- it's hot) into a heatproof bowl, leaving about 1 tablespoon of fat in the pan. Duck Legs. During this last bit, prep the chicken for the gravy. Remove the foil, leaving the legs skin side up, and return to the oven and roast for an additional 30 minutes. On the stove, heat a small roasting pan (I use one like a slightly oversized tarte tatin pan) and sear the duck legs, skin-side down over medium heat until the skin turns golden and gives out some oil. Slow Roasted Duck Leg. By the time they were done, the legs had been cooked three ways over three hours:  first browning on top of the stove, then covered and slow baked in their own fat, and then finishing with 30 minutes of roasting to get the skin crispy. I suggest breaking down the duck (here’s a good tutorial), separating the legs, half breasts and wings and layering all (including any fat you’ve trimmed off) into the slow cooker, with the legs … Find delicious, succulent recipes for roast duck. Place the roasting pan over medium heat. If your pan isn't large enough to do this in a single layer, cook the legs in batches. Place the duck legs skin side up on a baking paper lined tray. Meanwhile, rinse the lentils and put in a medium sized saucepan with the bouquet garni, quartered onion, 1 carrot, quartered, 1 stick of celery, halved. Roast the chicken alongside the duck until the chicken bones have browned and there are lots of great … If you've cooked the legs in batches, transfer the legs and all the rendered fat to a large roasting pan, arranging the legs skin side up in a single layer. Method. Pat the duck or goose legs dry with paper towels. I added about 4 cups -- add according to how thick a gravy you want. When the chicken bones are done, transfer the saute pan to the stove. If you can only find smaller legs, reduce the cooking time by as much as an hour; if the legs aren't fatty enough, buy a little extra duck fat and add this to the roasting pan. I've written several books, including "Cooking for Mr. Latte" and "The Essential New York Times Cookbook." Salt. Return the pan to the oven for a last 30 minutes of roasting to crisp the skin. If you have store-bought duck legs, prick the skin of the duck all over with a needle or the point of a sharp knife. But cooked just by themselves -- the legs are exquisite. It's almost impossible to overcook duck legs - so try this rich, slow-roasted dish 1 hr and 20 mins . And it's far less time and fussing than needed to make a classic confit. Duck Ragu. If the legs are too small or there's not enough fat, the duck legs will become very tough. Roast it in a low oven at 300F for three hours, then raise the heat to crisp the skin and finish it off. In fairness to Ms. Clark's title, this cooking method does produce confit's same tender, falling-off-the-bone duck with crackling-crispy skin, complex flavor and no greasiness. Crispy Aromatic Duck Pancakes. Place a large frying pan over a high heat. If you're adding fruit to the duck legs, 15 minutes before the duck finishes cooking, drain the fruit and nestle its pieces between the legs so that the duck skin stays exposed and the fruit heats through. Sweet & Spicy Glaze. Liberally salt the bird; use a little … Put each leg in a large piece of … Cover the pan with aluminum foil and place in the oven. Brown the legs until golden in colour. Simple is the word here! Slow-cooked duck legs in Port with celeriac gratin. In total -- including the two hours of curing in the refrigerator -- the duck legs took 5 hours to make, during which they need little-to-no attention. Slow-Roasted Duck Legs If you wanted to taste the birds, and the chicken has already become boring, then an excellent option to diversify the menu would be slow-roasted duck legs . Cook the legs until the fat begins to render and collect in the pan, and the skin has browned, about 10 minutes. The day before roasting, line a sheet pan with paper towel. Put the chicken bones in a deep saute pan. Do not remove any excess fat -- leave it all on the duck legs. 2. Season with salt and sprinkle with olive oil. These slow roast duck legs are cooked in the most incredible sweet and sour date and tamarind sauce. I have been cooking some pretty classical and subtle flavours of late and figured it was time for a bit of ‘bold’. When it's hot, stir in the flour, and scrape up the pan drippings. Once the duck is tender, raise the oven heat to 375 F. Baste the duck again and continue roasting until the skin is a dark golden brown, about 30 minutes. 1/4 cup honey 1/4 cup molasses 3 Tbls. —Amanda Hesser. You can cook as many legs as your oven can handle. Preheat the oven to 160˚C/gas mark 3. 1. Duck Confit. Season the duck legs with pepper, then drape the sliced butter on top of the legs. I made six because my butcher sells duck legs in bags of six. Bake until golden and cooked though, approximately 1 hour. The City Cook Newsletter To cook the duck, you … Place the duck legs in a large roasting tin, season with salt and pepper then roast for 1-1 ¼ hours, until the duck is tender. Easy . So go ahead, wing it, and have a great 2020 Thanksgiving wherever you are! But a couple of months ago in The New York Times Wednesday food section, Melissa Clark, one of my favorite food writers, shared a recipe she adapted from Bromberg Bros. Blue Ribbon Cookbook for roasted duck legs. Place a large skillet or sauté pan on a medium high heat and add the duck legs in a single layer, at first skin side down, and then half-way through, turning them over to finish with skin side up (add no fat to the pan because the duck legs will immediately begin to render fat). Grab your duck … An important editor's note: based on feedback from readers who have made this recipe, it is essential to use larger duck legs and to leave all the fat on the legs. This isn't confit de canard, the classic French dish in which duck legs are poached in rendered duck fat and then perfectly pan-seared-to-unctuous-crispiness with a side of sliced potatoes. Duck legs are much simpler to cook than duck breast, although that is not difficult either.

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