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Buy on Williams-Sonoma. Joe Leone's is an Italian specialty food store in Point Pleasant Beach … Pasta represents innovation and tradition, history and flavor, and is the most exported product in the world. Have read that imported Italian is made with hard durum wheat that makes all the difference. The name comes from "paccarià" which in Neapolitan dialect means "slap". Welcome to Italian Harvest At Italian Harvest we've been importing artisanal foods from Italy since 2000. The world's best pasta comes from Italy's little-known Abruzzo. Italian Pastries Beverages Coffee / Espresso Imported Snacks & Sweets Seasonal Snacks & Sweets Olive Oils & Vinegars Olive Oils Vinegars Pasta Mamma Isa Pirro Sauces Spices & Seasonings Truffles Event Catering About Us Imported Italian Brands Seasonal Imports Import Italian is your source for innovative and authentic Made in Italy gourmet fine foods. Last but not least is Rummo, a small pasta factory in Benevento (central Italy), one of the few who still use the old, slow-processing method for making pasta. Toasted Ravioli ... ITALIAN PRODUCT Cucina Antica® award-winning Italian pasta sauces and ketchup use only the most premium and pure ingredients to bring the taste of Italy from our world kitchen to your table. Quantity. Ditalia imports artisan long & short pasta from Italy. The company also has mills in Italy, Greece, Sweden, Turkey and in the United States. Joe Leone's Italian Specialties. Pow! Made with imported Italian San Marzano tomatoes. Brands. Lavazza Italian Coffee. Casarecci Dried Italian Herbs For Roasted Meat in a little Terracotta Crock, 0.17 oz (5g) Pantry. There are seemingly as many types of pasta at the supermarket as grains of sand on an Italian beach. Required fields are marked *, By using this form, you accept the storage and management of your data from this website *, Since 2010, the year of its foundation, Bell Italia Srl has been operating on the international market as a wholesaler of large consumer goods and has built a network of agents and customers all over the world. Transparency is an important value for the company, who doesn’t hide the use of the most modern machinery. The best Italian pasta comes from Abruzzo. Delivery Available. We believe in good food but also foods that are clean with no preservatives and additives, in fact some of our products have some of the cleanest labels on the market. Ancient Harvest. Since 1890 Divella produces high-quality durum-wheat. I have been with Bell Italia since 2017, today I am the Marketing Manager. The company keeps being run by his descendants: the three brothers Guido, Luca and Paolo Barilla. Thanks to this tradition and to six generations of experience, today Rummo Lenta Lavorazione®  is one of the finest pasta brands in Italy. Our Price: $12.95. There, a handful of legendary factories produce exceptional dried pasta that's delicious in these dishes. ... Casarecci Fileja Pasta with Tropea Onion Sauce Pasta Gift Kit With Wooden Spoon. We are a fierce company that defends the work of our farmers and food artisans. In the 80’s, in Fara San Martino a new production site was built, which doubled the production. After World War II the factory was rebuilt after its destruction due to the German bombardment. $12.95. Cosi Come ; Genesio ; Greci ... (6 cans x #10 or 3.4 kg) Imported Italy. Alternative: 076 208 1261 Mariella $ 30.97 Mariella: 12 x 1 lb “Gluten Free” Fusilli Corn Pasta. Since 1890, when the first Divella mill was built, the company carries out quality controls and accurate selection of the raw material. One brand… What we offer. Luxardo. The packaging is transparent on the sides too, making small imperfections and pieces of broken pasta visible, unlike most other brands. Mariella $ 2.62 Mariella: 1 lb Potato Gnocchi. The company markets its pasta in the United States and the wheat it uses is mainly local. The Barilla group produces many types of pasta and is the biggest pasta producer of the world (40-45% of the Italian market and 25% of the US market). "La Molisana is straight from Italy and 100% semolina pasta, which has a beautiful golden color. Since 2010, the year of its foundation, Bell Italia Srl has been operating on the international market as a wholesaler of large consumer goods and has built a network of agents and customers all over the world. Pasta gluten free pasta is derived from chickpea, lentil, and quinoa flour and … I invite comments on the relative merits of pasta. What do you think about the article the 5 most popular Italian pasta brands worldwide? Number two of the list is De Cecco, which was founded in 1886 by the brothers De Cecco in the small town of Fara San Martino, in Abruzzi (central Italy). Never paid attention but recently, on a lark trip to an Italian market, bought a package of spaghetti a) made in Italy and b) intended for restaurant use. Most with a long history of producing high quality products for both the Italian market and abroad. Add to quote. 24 Hour Online Ordering [email protected] 011 392 4809. The result of this choice are products of excellent quality, that stand out for the flavor and properties. Nowadays, after 170 years, the old factory in via Dei Mulini has become a piece of the history of Benevento, relic of an ancient tradition. It's from Molise, which is known for its great climate and soil and has many of Italy's pasta granaries." Treat yourself or send a tasty gift basket! We also import short pasta cuts like fusilli, ditalini, trofie pasta, penne, and gnocchi. Here are the three brands of pasta that he recommends: 1. For an easy weeknight meal that can be put together in a snap, keep your pantry stocked with top brands like Ciavattoni Lemon pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte. Sanniti. The headquarters are in Parma, but it has offices in several other countries, such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Japan. © 2018 Bell Italia Srl - Via Andria SS170 Km 24,5 N.208/A 76121 Barletta (BT) Italy - P.IVA: 07046120726 | Credits: Your email address will not be published. Through the years the hard work of several generations paid off and the company kept expanding in the international markets. Buon appetito! The Barilla group has several facilities around the world: in Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Mexico and the States (in Ames, Iowa and Avon, New York). New. Read more. Bristot. Made in Italy, Pastificio Di Martino produces luxe pasta that feels like the ultimate splurge for any fanatic. Via Andria SS170 Km 24,5 N.208/A 76121 Barletta (BT) P.IVA: 07046120726, tel: +39.0883.955431 tel: +39.345.341.3539 fax:+39.0883.19503893. Nowadays De Cecco sells sauces, cereals and tomato-based products. Shop online and discover Italy's finest imported Italian gourmet specialty foods like award winning pasta, extra virgin olive oil, salami, prosciutto, cheese & more. Buy long pasta like gourmet tagliatelle, spaghetti, and bucatini. Giusto Sapore Italian Pasta - Creste di Gallo 500g - Premium Bronze Drawn Durum Wheat Semolina Gourmet Pasta Brand - Imported from Italy and Family Owned Add to quote. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pasta, Sauces and more This pasta is popular in other regions as well, albeit with different names. Its story started when Francesco Divella obtained his first mill to make wheat in Rutigliano, a small town near Bari. Come explore and don't forget the sauce! In 1986 the company started a diversification of the supply, creating its brand of olive oil. With shells, elbows, penne, and rotini included in this six-pack, the recipe possibilities are virtually endless. -1- Fill two separate pots with exactly the same amount of … A few pasta brands were made with enriched flour and while those brands did trend toward the bottom of our rankings, we found most of them to taste fine when eaten plain. Scialatelli Oregano pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte. Private label brands were present in … The pasta: Austin Baker, head chef at Saraghina in Brooklyn, turns to this ribbed, tubular … Add to quote. Paccheri are a typical pasta from the Campania region. We've sought out foods that are non-industrial, typically handmade by artisans and small family-run factories that still use old-world techniques. It’s easiest to see the difference using spaghetti, so select an artisan imported Italian pasta, and compare it to a bargain brand. This is a pasta from the Italian island of Sicily. Ditalia is one of the first online gourmet grocery Italian specialty food and gift stores established in 1997. Gustiamo is an Italian food importer that sells directly to consumers, so you can have the best quality Italian pasta, Carnaroli risotto rice, or real extra virgin olive oil when you cook at home. Our Price: $12.95. Illy. The idea behind this is wanting to be still like those artisans who made pasta before us and would have loved to have machinery to make their work easier and their products even better. Top of the list there’s Barilla. Shop now. Garofalo products are the result of the old art of manufacturing pasta, and the highest quality standards are maintained through regular controls both of the raw material and of the final product, also with the help of cutting-edge technologies. Great attention is paid to the safety and health of the consumer, to social responsibilities and to the environment as well. Best Alfredo: Williams Sonoma Truffle Alfredo Pasta Sauce. Rigatoni. This pasta stands out for its quality and flavor, and even for the peculiar packaging, which is transparent. Campania, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto are on top of the table of the main Italian pasta producers. Like all Italian dried pasta, it is made under rigid Government controls from hard durum-wheat flour, called semola di grano duro in Italian and semolina in English. Papa Vince makes an extremely popular extra virgin olive oil and a … With 25 grams of protein, 13 grams of fiber, and nearly half the net carbs of traditional pasta, this best-selling chickpea-based boxed pasta from Banza is a gluten-free no-brainer. This is a slower, more expensive process, but the result is pasta that has a rougher surface. Brands. I bring with me almost twenty years of experience as a commercial in the food and non-food sectors and a great passion for Made in Italy. Unrivalled taste. ... making Vitelli America’s first Italian brand. Like the United Kingdom is known for fish and chips, the States for its hamburgers and Germany for the sausages, Italy is famous for pasta. Quantity. Probably in popular tradition it was a reference to the large, heavy consistency. Nicola De Cecco initially used to produce wheat in his stone mill before he founded the factory. Pasta & Dry Goods. Quantity. Bursting with … like its food, and nothing says "Italian food" like pasta. Barilla produces many types of pasta in several sizes. Luigi Vitelli imported the first Italian peeled tomatoes from Naples, Italy to the shores of New York City in 1885, making Vitelli America’s first Italian brand. The history of Garofalo is the history of Gragnano. Nowadays the fourth generation leads the company, and Divella keeps stressing the importance of tradition in the production of high-quality pasta. Mariella $ … La Torre. Read more. Since 2013 De Cecco is the third pasta producer in the world. Gluten Free Pasta from Bi Alimenta is a delicious pasta alternative. In Italy, the list of most widespread brands of pasta in 2017 saw Barilla heading the ranking, with 98 percent. — Pasta De Cecco (@DeCecco_pasta) April 3, 2017 Moreover it is the biggest seller of baked goods in Italy, (also because of the acquisition of the Swedish company Wasa) and is the world’s foremost manufacturer of flat bread (over 60.000 tons per year). The company was founded by Pietro Barilla in 1877 as a bakery in Parma, Italy. Of the expensive imported artisanal brands, Martelli was a clear standout. Since 1890 Divella produces high-quality durum-wheat. And let’s be real -- it's Europe, so it’s probably a clothing-optional beach. #ricetta sfiziosa per il #pranzo:#Linguine #DeCecco vongole e bottarga, dello #Chef Chicco Cerea. — Anthony Gargano, Chef and Owner of … Giusto Sapore Basil Tagliatelle Italian Egg Pasta Nest - 340g - Premium Bronze Drawn Durum Wheat Semolina Gourmet Pasta Noodles Brand - Imported from Italy and Family Owned (Basil, 1 Pack) The average Italian eats about twenty-six kilos of pasta every year, and is present on the tables of families all around the world. It's truly authentic to Italy. The 5 most popular Italian pasta brands worldwide, Italian tomato sauce: 5 brands that are a symbol of quality and Made in Italy world-wide, Ready-made sauces: 5 Italian sauces brands for your supermarket abroad, The 5 best-selling Italian biscuits by Bell Italia abroad, The 5 most popular Mulino Bianco products abroad. There are about two hundred drawing machines and over a hundred pasta factories. Fusilletti, Tubeti, Ziti Corte pasta -Pasta Conte-Bundle & Save, Linguine pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Spaghettoni pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Fusilletti pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Cortecce pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Trofie pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Lumache pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Tagliatelle Oregano pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Ciavattoni Lemon pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Scialatelli Oregano pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Creste di Gallo pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Paccheri pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Calamarata pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Conchiglioni pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Pennotti pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Penne Rigate-pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Strozzapreti-pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Pennoni Giganti-pasta from Italy-Pasta Conte, Mezze Maniche Squid Ink-pasta from Italy-Pasta Conte, Rustichelle-pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Maccheroni Calabrese- from Italy Pasta Conte, Lagane-pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Ziti Corti-pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Scialatelli Casarecci-pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Orecchiette-pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Rustichelle Onion-pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Fusilli del Contadino-pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Paesanelle-pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Torcoletti-pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Rigatoni-pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Bucatini pasta imported from Italy-Pasta Conte, Casarecce Peperoncino pasta from Italy-Pasta Conte, Eliconi Spiral Pasta from Italy-Pasta Conte. Imported Italian, organic, healthy, high-end food specialties made by very traditional small family businesses. Made with simple, pure ingredients, our authentic Italian pasta is imported exclusively by us for you to enjoy. You may also like: Italian tomato sauce: 5 brands that are a symbol of quality and Made in Italy world-wide, Your email address will not be published. That rough surface is the key to an awesome bowl of pasta because it helps the sauce grips to the noodles; if the surface is smooth, the sauce will slip and drip right off. In this article we are going to talk about the 5 most popular Italian pasta brands worldwide, as the food section cannot fail to include one of the most typical products of our country, the symbol of Italy itself. And it’s another 2-pack (each package of pasta weighs 1.1 pounds). De Cecco. Pasta is an integral part of Italy's food history. Our Price: $12.95. Its story started when Francesco Divella obtained his first mill… The company produces a wide variety of pasta; it currently exports its products in about 30 countries and offers a service of production of labels. In 1908 the company adopted as its logo a girl carrying some stacks of wheat. In 1950 a new factory was built to meet the growing demand in the post-war period. The relationship between Manzo Foods and our producers is as a mutual business partnership based upon a high level of trust and confidence that has developed over many years of working together.

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